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We are an independent studio specializing in online video games. Thanks to the success of our creations such as My Brute, DinoRPG, Die2Nite, Alphabounce and many more, we now have over 15 million registered users throughout the world.

Welcome, and thank you for joining us on our adventure!

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Lovers of Scrabble and Popotamo alike rejoice!

Today is a happy day for those of you who like boardgames, brain teasers and puzzles!

Street Writer is our upcoming Scrabble-like word game, the new Popotamo for those who remember it... We've been working on this little game for a while now and really hope that you're going to enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it.

It will feature:

  • No waiting for your turn! Play your letters whenever you like!
  • Four players, each playing at their own rhythm.
  • Special bonuses and power-ups (steal your neighbor's letters maybe?)
  • Loads more!

Head on over to the site right now to have a look!

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