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Find a room for these scary but adorable monsters. Build your hotel and make sure your monsters have everything they want. Or else...

BUILD a classy hotel to encourage your guests to come and stay! Will it be the tallest tower of an underground bunker? How you construct your hotel is entirely up to you, build anything you can imagine and compare it with your friends!

MANAGE monsters who let off steam, make lots of noise or freeze the air around them. Will you be able to get them all into a room they like?

DECORATE the rooms of your hotel and take care of your VIP clients earning big tips and unlocking hundreds of unique decorative items. Play on your phone and receive unique customisations!

COMPETE with your friends for the title of most famous hotel! Check out your friends hotel and see what they’ve dreamed up all the while earning love to help make your monsters even happier with their stay!

PUZZLE out the best position for your demanding monsters! Be ready for an inspection at any time,unlock new levels and earn more stars for your hotel!


Monster Hotel is based on our game Monster Motel (yeah we're inventive with the names) and was something that we were working on before Fallout #@^&*$# came out. We wanted to make a more involved game than the original, while guarding the puzzle element of the original. We also wanted the game to be available on modern game platforms, like mobile phones and tablets.


  • Cross platform (PC, Tablets, Phones)
  • One account everywhere.
  • Tons of monsters, rooms and decorations to discover!



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  • All music by Johan.

About Motion Twin

Who are these guys anyway?
Motion Twin is an independent games studio based in Bordeaux, France. We've been raging at the machines since 2001 and we're planning on keeping it up for as long as people keep playing our games. We're responsible for Die2Nite, Mush, DinoRPG and more recently Uppercup Football on mobile. You can find out way more about us here .

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Sebastien Benard (deepnight)
Lead Developer

Thomas Vasseur (carduus)
Artistic Director