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We are an independent studio specializing in online video games. Thanks to the success of our creations such as My Brute, DinoRPG, Die2Nite, Alphabounce and many more, we now have over 15 million registered users throughout the world.

Welcome, and thank you for joining us on our adventure!

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Hey there everyone who's been following Dead Cells,

A first test of Dead Cells will take place from the 18th of September (2014 even!) To begin with the Alpha will only be open to a very, very limited set of elite testers. Our aim is to undertake a bunch of highly specific tests and use your opinions to tweak certain specific aspects of the game.

Dead Cells is the epitome of a community based game and as such your opinions will be absolutely crucial in helping us make a game that's really fun to play with friends.

The selection process will be brutal. Think "we're the ones deciding and if you don't like it tough". So don't come complaining if you're not chosen.

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