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We are an independent studio specializing in online video games. Thanks to the success of our creations such as My Brute, DinoRPG, Die2Nite, Alphabounce and many more, we now have over 15 million registered users throughout the world.

Welcome, and thank you for joining us on our adventure!

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Be among the first to try Street Writer in English!

The Frenchies have had their turn and now the English community can finally test Street Writer for themselves!

What is Street Writer?

Street Writer is an online, multiplayer, asynchronous scrabble-like word game... Translation?

  • Play with up to four people just like you would in the board game.
  • Play your letters at any time. No more waiting for your opponent.
  • It's just like Scrabble with new rules and tons of things to try.

How do I try it out?

  • Take this code: SWENB270kDAuFn
  • Head over to www.street-writer.com. Enter the code. Hit play now. Go!

Is there anything I should know?

  • We've nearly finished and we need some last minute testing and feedback.
  • So we'd like for you to play it and gives you feedback in the beta forum (which you can only see if you're in the beta).
  • You can buy gold in the beta. Anything that you buy in the beta will be credited to your account once the game goes live. This will wither be done by, resetting your accounts and crediting the initial amounts purchased, or by taking your stash of gold as it was at the end of the beta and crediting you that amount. In any case you will not be without your gold.
  • Any losses of gold due to bugs will be reimbursed.
This is still a beta!
  • It's normal to find bug please report them here.
  • DO NOT post screenshots, videos or any other form of in game data outside of the beta. It's very important for us that we get a maximum of people to play the game on launch day and we'd like to be able to start communicating around the game when we're ready. Thanks.

Have fun and let us know how it's going on the forum.


Buzzard. :)

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