Co-operative multiplayer space survival and escape game

The Mush has already contaminated Earth and the Sol system is practically condemned to the same fate. All political infrastructures and even the federation are under its control. However, there is one last chance to save the Human race. Amongst your crew aboard the Daedalus, humanity's last hope is to be found!

In spite of everything, the success of your perilous quest cannot be guaranteed. You must survive in extreme conditions and you will have to cooperate with the other members of the team just to make it to the next day to fight the Mush. Every word, every action, every gesture counts! You will be making life or death choices every day. These could involve friendly cooperation, betrayal or sacrifice, with you and the whole team striving towards the same objective: survive and resist the Mush by any means necessary!

The situation is critical, and the future uncertain: this is but the beginning of a long adventure... and now it's down to you!