Dead Cells

What is the lab?

The lab is the experimental side of Motion Twin. Here you can find everything from aborted projects to game jams made in as little as 48hrs.

Motion Twin members come and go, but their games live on here! If you see something that's missing tweet it to @motiontwin and we'll get it up here ASAP!

Badass Inc
Ranked 2nd (overall), 1st (graphics)
Law Breaker
Ranked 3rd (overall) LD Jam
Final Swap
7th Audio Design LD Jam
Charity Jam
1st Graphs/Audio - LDJAM
Chipset 0
Ranked 2nd (overall) LD Jam
Beneath the City
Ranked 5th (graphics) LD Jam
Ultimate Wish
Ranked 2nd (graphics)
Proletarian Ninja X
Ranked 3rd (overall) LD Jam
Budget Squad
Ranked 3rd (graphics) LD Jam
Little Death Adventure
7th Graphic Design LD Jam
Atomic Creep Spawner
Ranked 1st (overall, graphics & fun) LD Jam
Strike of Rage!
Ranked 1st (fun) LD Jam
Ranked 1st (graphics) & 3rd (audio)
Memento XII
Ranked 2nd (overall) & 1st (graphics) LD Jam
Ranked 3rd (overall) & 1st (audio)
Last Breath
Ranked 1st (graphics) & 3rd (overall)
Appy 1000mg
Ranked 1st (overall) LD Jam
Time Pygmy
Ranked 1st (overall) LD Jam