Motion Twin
Based in Bordeaux, France

Release date:
2014-12-01 00:00:00




A new and exciting way to play your favourite word . Play at your own rhythm and never have to wait for an opponent to play their word. Test your wits against up to four other players in the same match. Strategize your way to victory by taking advantage of bonus tiles and special powers.

Steal you friends letters, blow their words right off the board or plant mines to wreck your opponents word! Play multiple s at the same time and keep your mind sharp with this fun and challenging Scrabble like word .


Something of a neo-Popotamo, Street Writer is our answer to the frustration of waiting for a player on the other side of the world to finish work and play their word. We asked ourselves how we could solve this problem and came up with the idea of challenging not only your friends and family but also yourself. Asynchronous play allows you to play your word whenever you have the letters to do it. It's a Scrabble free for all!

A long time in development we've developed a lot of backend tools and systems to allow us to deploy the on numerous platforms while maintaining continuity of play and experience. All of your s are synchronised no matter which device you play on.

We wanted this to be something like the classic Scrabble but with teeth. That's why we've implemented power ups and interesting abilities that will hopefully breath new life into everybody's favourite classic board .


  • Cross platform. Start on your computer finish on your tablet or phone.
  • Multiplayer online asynchronous play.
  • No waiting for your opponent to take their turn! Just keep playing untill you've finished your letters!
  • Free to play!
  • Great Scrabble-like play with exciting new moves and strategies!



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About Motion Twin

Who are these guys anyway?
Motion Twin is an independent games studio based in Bordeaux, France. We've been raging at the machines since 2001 and we're planning on keeping it up for as long as people keep playing our games. We're responsible for Die2Nite, Mush, DinoRPG and more recently Uppercup Football on mobile. You can find out way more about us here .

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